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NASA PDS Student Investigators (SI)

SI Coordinator: Dr. Susan Hoban (hoban at umbc dot edu)

Welcome to the NASA Planetary Data System Student Investigators (SI) webpage! The objective of this activity is to involve undergraduate students in research and development projects related to the holdings of NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS). Through the Student Investigators activity, the PDS strives to prepare the next generation of PDS science investigators.

PDS Student Investigators typically start in the middle of their Junior year and participate through graduation. They are supported part-time during the school year and full-time in the summer months.

PDS Student Investigators in now recruiting for Fall 2015.
Students interested in applying to be a PDS Student Investigator should:
  1. Review the Student Handbook.
  2. Learn about the PDS Nodes. Links to the Nodes can be found in the yellow bar at the bottom of this page.
  3. Contact the PDS Point of Contact for the PDS Node you are interested in. Applications for PDS Student Investigators are managed by the individual PDS Nodes.


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