PDS3 Converters

PDS3-to-CDF Converter

Listed below are several files related to the PDS3-to-CDF conversion program:

  • pds-to-cdf.pdf
    a .pdf version of the man page for the pds-to-cdf
    conversion program.
  • pds-to-cdaw.pdf
    a pdf version of a man page describing the special requirements that the CDAWeb site imposes on CDF files.
    a brief description of the steps involved in building the software from the source code distribution kit.
    a brief description of the requirements and processing flow used in the conversion of a PDS3 data set into a CDAWeb-compliant CDF file.
  • pds-to-cdf-0.9.tar.gz
    the source code distribution kit for the pds-to-cdf conversion program, including the man pages and other documentation.

CDF-To-PDS3 Translator

The translator is designed to handle generic CDFs with scalar values, and it creates a PDS3 detached label and an ASCII table for each CDF file. CDF metadata (global and variable attributes) are captured in PDS3 labels and CDF data are captured in external PDS3 ASCII text files.

Note: The converter cureently is not capable of handling vectors and 3-D arrays.

CDF-to-PDS3 Utitlity

There are five files that are included as part of the CDF-to-PDS3 Translator distribution package. The CDF_to_PDS_Guide.doc file contains information on how to compile and run the translator program (written in C)